Support Policy

Getting Support

Access to Support is available to all license holders with valid and up to date license. If your license has expired, and you failed to renew, you can’t access support. Support includes access to support forums, documentation (reference and user guides) and tutorials.

Support In General

Here are some basic support rules and information. Make sure that you read this list carefully, so we can avoid problems with support and make it efficient and fast.

Work hours

Support is available 24/7. Just please be patient and you will get the answer.

Support Forum

DryThemes team will provide support through the support forum. This is principal way to get support if using tutorials and documentation is not enough.

Please do not post your username, password, licenses or any other personal or sensitive information.

Remember to be courteous and use respect — we’re people too.

Fixing bugs

DryThemes team will fix all reported bugs in the shortest time possible. In most cases that will be within 24 hours of the initial report, or up to 72 hours for more complex problems. Bug fixing process will generate new WordPress theme version to be released as soon as possible.

Coding features

Support doesn’t include coding features for you. If you have written a piece of code that should perform some function and it is not working, we can help you and fix the problem, give advice on how to do things, provide small snippets as examples for use or styling, help with templates. But we will not write whole sections of code that can be considered as custom work. If you need custom coding related to WordPress or our plugins, custom work prices apply.

Last updated on: December 01, 2017.