Winter is coming, as well as DryThemes WordPress Themes shop

Yey! We are on!
We are so excited to write this first post for you today. After months of not-so-hard work (but pretty enjoyable) DryThemes finally arrived with its own WordPress Themes shop.


For the start we bring you five super-awesome, simple yet visually appealing WordPress Themes to suit your needs. We are aware that’s not enough for now but it’s the start. New fresh WordPress themes are coming and we will announce them with some screenshots in one of our upcoming blog posts.


All current and upcoming WordPress Themes will keep that clean and minimal visual feel. Please do not expect from us some monstrous multi-purpose Frankenstein themes with tons of sliders, composers and plugins. Many WordPress Themes shops call that kind of themes – “premium”. If so, then we will never make “premium” WordPress Themes 🙂
That’s our policy. Make simple, lightweight and minimal WordPress Themes.


So, please browse around and let us know what’s your opinion by sending us an email using our contact form or just ping us on twitter. We would love to hear more from you.